Direct your light


Light can never exist in one place. It follows a direction and extends on and on until it can go no further. VECTOR invites you to play with the direction of light. See the ray of light as an extension of your body, and use it to explore space. 

This project is a collaboration between the young design bureau De Bende with Fonckel B.V., a spin-off of the TU/e. In 2012 Fonckel launched Fonckel One: an ultra-innovative lamp based on patented touch technology. One way to make light tangible.



You can experience Vector during GLOW festival 2013:
From November 9th until November 16th at the Yksi Expo (Apparaten fabriek), as part of GLOW NEXT

Opening hours:

Sunday - Thursday: 18.30 - 23.00
Friday - Saturday: 18.30 - 24.00


De Bende
Nadine van Amersvoort & Teun Vinken

Fonckel B.V.
Kirstin van der Aalst

ILI - OpenLight
Rombout Frieling