Shadowwall at Kunsthal Rotterdam, March 2011.

Light is being reinvented through advances in solid state technology.LEDs are so tiny they can bring light to places never possible before and so smart that they can react to their environment.At the Intelligent Lighting Institute at TU/e, we explore what this could mean for our lit environment of the future.

In this wall we show what even a very simple behaviour could do: Reacting to the environmental lighting conditions, the LEDs can be switched on and off with the ‘touch’ of a shadow:Can you touch the stars? Or do you feel like a giant? Would you not want to leave your trace?

Shadowwall consists of up to 200 'stellas', intelligent lights that can be customised to fit any space or surface (flat or curved), inside or outside. Generally, grid sizes can go up to 20x10m. Stellas can be hung or attached to a surface. They can (temporarily) be self-powered or externally powered. 

Stella is lit by a in-house developed LED PAR that is positioned opposite to the interactive surface.