The first LIGHT THROUGH CULTURE workshop took place from 28 February – 13 March in Siena, Italy in collaboration with Professor Patrizia Marti at Siena University. Under guidance of 4 professional designers and 3 support staff, 6 young interaction designers and engineers from Eindhoven University of Technology were joined up with 6 communication designers from Siena University to revive the history of the recently excavated spaces under the world famous Museo de Santa Maria Della Scala. In two weeks time, four teams and staff unravelled the cultural significance of places such as the Carnaio (dungeon during the Pest)  - creating an light experience that  not only showed the immense tragedy of this place, but also the impact of the Pest on the enlightenment of mankind. The integrated experience was presented and open to the public during the celebrations of 150 years of Italy on 13 March 2011.