Light Hoists illuminate the Entrepotdok in Amsterdam

In the 1800s, the Entrepotdok was the largest warehouse complex of Amsterdam.

Here, goods arrived on ships from all over the world and were stored high up in the warehouses to be traded.
The hoisting Systems that are so abundant on Amsterdam houses remind us of this history.  

During the Amsterdam Light Festival we reanimate the hoist systems and put them to light use:
Hoist up a light and see how it generates light when it falls down!
Discover that you don't need any electricity, solar cells or batteries to make light.
Experience how much light you can get by pulling up 5 kilos of weight.

Lighthoists are based on a novel technology developed by DeciWatt, providing a low-cost lighting solution for dark places in the developing world.

The installation is developed in OPENLIGHT, creative lab of the Intelligent Lighting Institute of Eindhoven University of Technology.
6 students from the Industrial Design study of the Eindhoven University of Technology participated in this project. 


In this project, the following students participated:

Max Blondeau
Joren Broekema
Jeroen Cox
Simone van den Elzen
Jessica Joosse
Pepijn Schnitzeler